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About Me

I have been a developer for 14 years programming in Java, Groovy, Python, C#, C and several other languages. I currently work for The Babcock and Wilcox Corporation where I develop boring Enterprise Technology, specifically creating and managing customizations to a large proprietary J2EE application. In my spare time however, I work on all sorts of projects using many technologies from writing C for AVR microcontrollers to Java web based applications for automating my home. This blog is a way for me to show off my projects and how I built them.

Here is an overview of the entire design of the pumkins.

Here is the schematic for the candles. I doubt if it is that good… It’s the first real schematic that I have ever put together. I created it in eagle CAD.

This is just the simple power supply for both the converter and each candle. I put a power supply on each candle so I could increase the voltage on the lines running to the candles to compensate for the longer runs if necessary.

Here is the schematic for the RS232 to RS485 Converter. I used this to connect the “Pumpkin Network” to my computer. I would send commands out the RS232 port on my computer into this thing. The commands would then get converted to RS485 signals and broadcast to all the pumpkins. This version currently does not support two way communication. I only needed to tell the pumpkins what to do.?