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I have been a developer for 14 years programming in Java, Groovy, Python, C#, C and several other languages. I currently work for The Babcock and Wilcox Corporation where I develop boring Enterprise Technology, specifically creating and managing customizations to a large proprietary J2EE application. In my spare time however, I work on all sorts of projects using many technologies from writing C for AVR microcontrollers to Java web based applications for automating my home. This blog is a way for me to show off my projects and how I built them.

Tue Jan 22 00:00:00 EST 2008

Project E is a bit of a complicated project and so will require some significant R & D work. This is my electronics work area right now…. It’s absolutely in chaos, but I don’t have a lot of time so it will have to do and I clean it up as I move forward.

Here is my first little project that I put together to learn how to control a bank of LED’s with a microcontroller. I found a tutorial here on how to build this on Make’s weekend projects. It’s an animated cube of led lights. Pretty neat little project for getting started with controlling led lights with a microcontroller.

If your an At Home Imagineer and don’t know about Make magazine yet, you should seriously take a look and consider subscribing… or at least read their feed. There are some awesome project tutorials posted there.

So…. we have our first little clue to what Project E is… It is going to require controlling led lights with a microcontroller.