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Project Summary The Land (mini version) is my project to create an in house mini aeroponic garden which is inspired by The Land at EPCOT Center. I think it will be nice project that anyone can build and place in the corner of their kitchen or somewhere else in their house and grow fresh vegetables for a salad year round all the while adding a little Disney magic to their home.
The project consist of a tub to contain the water, pump, and sprayers for the plants and a cover for the plants that resembles the land pavilion. It's not exactly a scale model in its detail, but it makes the project a little simpler to do so I think anyone could complete it in a couple weekends. All in all I think it a very nice likeness to The Land pavilion and should make a nice and useful addition to anyone's house.

This is my latest Google Sketchup model for my Land project. The model is completely to scale and represents exactly the shape that I want. Well, almost. The slope of the roof is currently just estimated and Im not sure if I want to go with something more intentional. If anyone just happens to know the value of the slope of the the roof on the The Land pavilion at EPCOT Center, let me know.

Hopefully, this project will get going again here soon. I have yet to buy a table saw and I think I am going to need one for this project so that I can cut the polycarbonate accurate enough for the panels on my Land project. Anyways, I am planning on buying one in the next few wee